The only global model of the abroad council associated with universities and colleges to recruit a diverse group of quality international students and create opportunities to measure programs achieved a growth rate of 90% +, ensuring the best results for our comrades and education.

As the pressure continues to increase for colleges and universities in public funding, the only public association study group can help. Our global reach allows us to choose an unprecedented way to recruit foreign students quality over 130 countries around the world, each helping to choose the right education path.

Centers for International Studies (ISC), created by the Task Force, provides curricula provided by each partner institution for materials and special masters. We also teach English, skills, and culture of the study and provide pastoral care, helping each student make a smooth transition into the chosen course.

International Abroad Council Study Centers are committed to maximizing our students’ ability to provide knowledge and prospects necessary to maximize the unlimited opportunities of success and achievement offered by global education through strong academic partnerships.

All of our work will be done under the university brand or university so that each partner benefit from our extensive international marketing and experience in the class proved and the preparation of the study without compromising the values, objectives and the integrity of the institution.