About the University of Waterloo?
In a half-century, the University of Waterloo, which I at the Technology Center of Canada, has a full university with leading nearly 36,000 students in full-time undergraduate programs and graduate part-time. Waterloo is one of the most innovative universities in Canada and is home to research and academic education in science and technology, health, environment, art and social sciences. Quantum Computing and Nanotechnology in Clinical Psychology and Research in Health Sciences, bring together Waterloo to share the ideas and thoughts, inspiring innovations with real impact now and in the future. The largest army of post-secondary co-op in the world, Waterloo includes its links to the world and promotes partnerships in learning, research, and marketing. And schools on campus four continents and university associations worldwide, Waterloo shapes the future of the planet.

Why the University of Waterloo?
Waterloo is one of 11 universities in the world, which is a score of 5+ stars in a new assessment QS stars, the universities 50 factors compared, education and research in institutions.

The prices of 5+ recognize the high quality of education students in Waterloo and the success of our graduates.

Did you know?
Even if you don’t meet university minimum requirement of English (IELTS or TOEFL), you can still conditional accepted in the program of your choice with the condition of our English program of completion before your chosen program.