About the University of Lethbridge
Established in 1967 as a liberal institution of art, the University of Lethbridge has become a full university with a wide range of programs. More than 500 lecturers learn about 8,500 students in undergraduate and master education, fine arts, health sciences, humanities, management, nurses and social sciences, university undergraduate degrees, and master’s degrees. The property also provides opportunities for higher education for selected students to a professional transfer and diploma courses and degrees leads. As one of the first universities in Canada, the university ranked third in the first-grade category in the classification of the Canadian University of Maclean (2017) and the number of student services.

Why the University of Lethbridge?
U of L is one of the most influential research universities in Canada and is committed to providing undergraduate students with a bachelor’s an unprecedented degree. Up to $ 1500 in funding tuition for all foreign students per year based on 10 courses per year; International students can also apply for scholarships.

Did you know?

Even if you do NOT meet our minimum English requirement (IELTS or TOEFL), you still can get conditionally accepted in the program of your choice with the condition of completing our English program prior to starting your chosen program.