About Queens University
Queen is part of the Kingston community, the campus in the city center, just a 10-minute walk from the city center. Kingston will be a part of the experience of the Queen if you are a teacher, student or co-worker.

Tuition with a primary or secondary school pupil from the street or volunteer for one of the many shops and shops of downtown, or friends with a neighbor (who could also be a teacher or co-worker!) Ser of the Queen’s community and the Kingston Community are closely related.

For the fourth year of the Bachelor’s degree:

    60% of the students took part in community service or volunteer work
    50% have taught other students on campus and in the Kingston community
    38% has a practice, practice, experience in the field, cooperative or clinical placement in and around the city
    33% participated in community projects

Queen and her community teachers, staff and students contribute to the economic vitality of the city. The local impact of the Queen equals $ 1.5 billion annually in economic activity, including:

    $ 338 million in direct student costs
    $ 288 million in direct personnel costs and after-tax powers
    $ 9 million in direct spending by the visitors of the Queen
    $ 162 million in the direct cost of the university in local goods and services
    $ 61 million in additional economic activity related to the School of Medicine and the University Medical Association of South-Eastern Ontario (SEAMEO)

Why Queens University?
Queens University is a community of more than 170 years of tradition, scientific excellence, research, and a beautiful coastal campus building limestone and modern amenities. But more than anything else is the Queen’s people.

We are researchers, scientists, artists, teachers, and students with an ambitious spirit, want to develop ideas that can make a difference in the world. People who together imagine what the future might be and work together to do it.

Queen is one of the oldest institutions of the influence of Canada title and university education in Canada since 1841 when he was established in the Royal Charter of Queen Victoria.

Located in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, is a medium-sized university with several faculties, colleges, and professional schools as well as the International Study Center located in Herstmonceux Bader, East Sussex, UK.

Queen Excellence scales in the first cycle and well-established graduate innovation programs, all in a dynamic learning environment.

Queens University is a comprehensive research spectrum, intensive top research in various fields, including:

    Engineering sciences and computer science
    Study of globalization
    mental health
    Biomedical and clinical science
    A healthy environment and sustainable energy systems
    Social issues such as monitoring, poverty, and bullying

The campus has a fully integrated network of six libraries and houses several museums and outstanding art facilities such as the Agnes Etherington Art Center and Isabel Bader Center for the Performing Arts.

The environment of the campus community

    95% of students come from outside of Kingston
    85% of students live at the foot 15 minutes campus
    About 90% of the freshmen live in residence (the residence is guaranteed for the first year, two new apartments will open in autumn 2015).
    Queen is home to students from over 109 different countries
    Foreign students/visas represent about 8.3% of full-time students.

English for Academic Purposes
4-12 months ESL program
Starting dates: September 2017, January 2018,  May 2018, September 2018, January 2019, May 2019, September 2019.