Abroad Council Difference

A combination of services that comes into effect for all the global activities of the student recruitment in the both the characteristics of a business model and online manufacturing AC as a service portal cooperates industry. There is a wide range of services that covers the growth and prosperity of all customers and partners. For students is a portfolio of educational products in a package with the after-sales services around the world. For consultants, technically is an automated model recruitment and expansion of companies, allowing them to manage their resources better and monitor them. For educators we offer an automated recruitment process through our agents and direct links. All through advanced software and ERP solutions.
Customs Clearance

AC is a network of more than 10,000 agents and 200 through a technology more than 13 years of experience in the global industry of student recruitment developed universities. This is certainly an operation of the fluid to create rent up abajo. AC offers personalized services for universities, educational facilities on request. It also serves higher education institutions with provisions that allow them to establish new branches or licensing offices around the world. For colleges, the quality of the officers and students guaranteed by a detailed profile of test modules and competence.

The huge umbrella of several educators, language schools and institutions in the world can now relax with tailor-made solutions delivered by the AC setting. With this type of services, institutions will be open to a set of custom business goals to maximize the characteristics of the results. This includes the establishment with the support and resources essential to create new admissions, consultant training and monitoring as well as deployment.

Personalized service for agents also includes a set of customizable options ranging from creating new stores to resource management through recruiting and training. AC also helps consultants to train the various products they want to enter the market with their USP, which can help them achieve the goals they need. The personalized services also provide customized campaigns and agents to provide their business worldwide through a combination of traditional and modern techniques.


A complete set of online that provides students with many options and filters that can lead them to the appropriate educator who need all over the world. A court with more than 8,000 agents and 200 educators of service providers supported the candidates to serve the reception of basic services. All these services ensure that from the time of the first introduction to the candidates, followed by guidance and guidance, the student gets all the approval process through a virtual disk and also on time. As a student, this can help you save more resources and improve your satisfaction with our services.

Service provider

We consider very much that the recruitment of students does not end with instructions. The actual transformation occurs when the student physically reaches the goal and that is where our service providers come to play. AC provides automation software scalable platform that addresses and encourages enterprises between agents, students and educators. They are highly customizable and can be a default input that requires a service provider. AC is still looking through its automated services to create a win-win situation for all service providers and customers.


AC support the world all its sponsors 24/7 via live chat, phone and emails all over. We help all our students, employees, educators and service providers with their complaints at our best.