Rattlings to theSouth China Sea and home to a variety of cultures, the geographical diversity, and futurist capital, Malaysia is a unique country, both its landscapes and its people.

Choose to study in Malaysia and explore the natural beauty of the country through its old rainforest, national parks, and beautiful beaches. In the cities, there are also plenty of busy sights, colorful and varied markets to mosques, Buddhist temples and Hindu shrines, which are often side by side, and the abundance of annual festivals celebrate traditional aspects and modern Malaysian culture.

One of the most politically stable countries in the world, Malaysia may be second to Singapore in terms of regional economic impact,/ but provides a much organic way of life as its rival city. Half of the country, located at the southern tip of the peninsula in Thailand is known as Peninsula Malaysia. Here you will find the best universities in Malaysia, as well as the most diverse and dynamic urban areas. The other half, Malaysia Borneo, shared an island with Indonesia and is the quieter of the two halves, offering loneliness and authenticity of life in the jungle.