Toronto City with water reflection from Lake Ontario, Canada.

The new work permit rules that allow foreign students to study after graduation makes Canada an attractive destination for foreign students to stay and work.

While Canada will continue to welcome a new policy more international students and retain talent in business, the study group will perfectly positioned Canadian universities and colleges to help their international students participate in a globally diversified.

Our unparalleled global reach allows us to recruit the quality students to universities around the world and welcome an international study center (ISC) established at each campus. Here, we give courses and pre-Masters University Foundation, while helping students achieve the standards required in English. We also help with cultural adaptations and provide learning skills and pastoral care, giving each student the best chance to make a successful transition to their chosen course.

International Study Group Study Centers are committed to maximize our students’ ability to provide knowledge and prospects necessary to maximize the unlimited opportunities of success and achievement offered by global education through strong academic partnerships.

All of our work will be done under the university brand or university, so that each partner benefit from our extensive international marketing and experience in the class proved and the preparation of the study without compromising the values, objectives and the integrity of the institution.

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