About Brock University
Opened in 1964, Brock University name Major General Sir Isaac Brock, who died in Queenston Heights near the war of 1812. His last words: “Surgite – became the motto of the university.
But the seeds of the university were sown long before the doors opened for the first time. Brock’s story is a community that relied on and built the institution that he wanted for his future.

Why Brock?
We grow both sides of the brain Our unique philosophy takes the students beyond the pursuit of scientific excellence.
Brock is a place where only the brain is left and right together. Students develop rational thinking / analytically based on their emotional/creative aspects. We believe that Community participation in the development of intelligent and well-organized members of society is essential.

we are growing For much of the past 15 years, Brock has been one of the fastest growing universities in Ontario, providing students and modern infrastructure. They have committed or ordered more than $ 300 million in construction to expand the campus. In recent years we have built:

Family Health and Bioscience Research Complex in Cairns Technique, where students and teachers explore new boundaries in green science and health and well-being.
In the downtown of St. Catharines, the spectacular new home of the School of Fine Arts Marilyn I. Walker

New rooms student residence
Jack and Nora Walker Canadian Center for Development Research of Life, a unique facility in Canada A new International Center

We are green
Located in the heart of the Niagara region of Ontario, just 60 minutes from Toronto, Brock Campus has a beautiful natural setting along the front of Niagara, which is a UNESCO biosphere reserve. We have the numbers to support. Consider the following:

When the students of our seven faculties have given their qualifications to the Globe and Mail report of the Canadian University, Brock was one of the best middle institutions in Canada in terms of quality education, quality education and most satisfied students.
With more than 18,000 students and nearly 600 teachers, we are small enough to be intimate, large enough to meet world class and demand among foreign students.

We care
Brock offers opportunities for social and academic growth that does not exist in univ largest.