Abroad Council helps students to recruit and prepare Australian partner students and postgraduates for the international colleges. Students visumpflicht dest on the way we restrict perfectly positioned, new students and diversification of the development of their international partner participation successfully to help students.

University programs in Australia

Abroad Council provides a variety of study courses in Australia to prepare students for successful study. Taylor provides English education (secondary), the University Foundation and Diploma.

Abroad Council also provides higher education in the fields of information technology, business and accounting for students and graduates of the university centers Charles Sturt (CSU).

In addition, we provide professional training and training qualifications recognized at the national level.

In cooperation with universities An incomparable experience in recruiting foreign students and helping them get into Australia and New Zealand with the successful transition from universities. Today, our partners are three Australian universities “Group of Eight” to create a proprietary mix of courses and to meet the needs of each organ.


Steps for the admission


1. Search the University & Subject


2. Fillup the application form below


3. Send a soft copy of Documents


4. Get the free assessment Letter


5. Pay the application.


6. Get final acceptance Letter


7. Apply for the Visa

Apply here for the admission :

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