Who We Are

Abroad Council is the initial online platform which designed for international students to use to apply the Universities, Colleges, and Schools worldwide.
With headquarters based mostly in Canada and online services all over the world. We tend to position ourselves as a worldwide company. Our cultural experience permits worldwide to rise perceive the requirements of every student, and conjointly contemplate every country’s barriers. Today, we tend to proud partners to worldwide and establishments and have assisted thousands of future students with their educational journey. As Abroad Council continues to speedily expand and reply to the high demand of service, we tend to attract international top talent to connect worldwide through a doctrine network. Through all of our efforts, we try to extend the number of jobs offered within the fourth largest trade within the world.

What We Do

We the solution-focused helping company revolutionizing the international application processor. Our team is specialized connects with students worldwide, aiding them with our platform and services. we have a tendency to made our platform with each of our students and partners in mind. Our use of AI aligns the interests of scholars and faculties by matching every student with their best-suited program. The platform is intuitive, individualized and unambiguously designed to assist everybody succeeds.

We guide you thru each step of your application, free from charge. We tend to know you that which documents are needed, and carefully review them, and forward your tuition payments to the required Universities, College and School. We tend to assist with your visa.

We prevent the waste of time and money, after carefully review every student’s application, and guarantee everyone is totally qualified and complete before we tend to send it to you. After we submit every application, we tend to adhere to your admission needs and structure.

Our Agent Dashboard permits you to manage all of your students and their info, whereas staying union and up-to-date with their application standing. The method is efficient through our platform. Once a student’s application is complete, we tend to submit it to the University, college, and school, and reciprocally, your commission is distributed to you once the student is enroled.


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Abroad Council Team